Live your vacation in Tulum


Live your vacation in tulum





Welcome to Paradise

Tulum was a walled city of Mayan culture located in the State of Quintana Roo, southeast of Mexico, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

Currently a major tourist attraction of the Riviera Maya and next to it is the modern population of the same name, Tulum. The Mayan city is located within the Tulum National Park.

Discover our restaurant located directly on the beach, with an unsurpassed proposal in the art of regional and international cuisine, which promises to satisfy the most demanding palates thanks to our Chef and his vast knowledge in fusion cuisine.
Your car rental contract will be directly with the rent a car and independent of the Booking Process De Rosa del Viento, to book you can send us an email so that on the day established we will find your car at the time you decide or Request it directly To the reception upon arrival.
An extensive menu of massages and beauty treatments made by experts, using products selected in part because of their relevance to the climate and the conditions of Yucatan, guarantee you a unique experience in these unforgettable vacations..
Explore the recently selected Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza, the most famous archaeological site on the Yucatan peninsula.

Customer Reviews

  • Very nice, quiet, excellent attention, if you come to the beach club are $ 300 pesos consumption per person, acceptable letter prices, $ 35 pesos beer

  • Perfect place to spend the day. Great service! Their menu varied, you will find any craving you have. Fresh seafood salad and filling. Pasta with super flavored shrimp!

  • We are here on vacation and tried the pizza ... very good! I am Italian so you can trust my word;) very nice place too!