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Choosing ©Rosa del Viento for this unforgettable occasion will be your most accurate choice.

When it comes to relaxing PINK WIND outdoes it. This paradise hideaway has an extensive beach club that allows you to spend your days in a privileged location facing the sea, at the rhythm of the waves, under the rays of the sun, breathing the fragrance of nature, and lying in our comfortable lounges.

Delight with a menu specially designed to savor on the beach and do not pass up the opportunity to enjoy the best margaritas ..., certainly the vacation you planned when you chose Tulum as a destination.

A harmony between relaxation and well-being make ©ROSA DEL VIENTO a special atmosphere that you will long for after returning home...


Sian Ka´an Muyil

Arriving at the ruins of the coastal ruins, a guide will show you the area of Muyil and will explain everything about the importance of this trading post of the ancient Mayas and the importance of the goddess Ixel luna in this ancient city.

On the way to reach the lagoon of Muyil you will win at the highest point of view of Sian Kaan and enjoy a unique view of the reserve. Once you meet the local captain, you will go for two hours by boat through the wetlands.

Visit the secret Maya temple and hop on an antic channel. Let it float in fresh, translucent water; The natural stream will take you through the beautiful mangrove. Once back to Muyil, we will share our experience of this wonderful day around a little appetizer, cheese and wine.

Learn about Mayan culture, enjoy the wildlife of Sian Kan Reserve and relax in a magic bath in the natural canal, lots of unforgettable memories.


Choosing ©Rosa del Viento for this unforgettable occasion will be your best choice.

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The prices of the cars have variations according to season.

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